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Crowd Funding


Next Generation Systems has been working for a year on a project to provide WordParts as a product for parents and teachers who are looking for new ways to teach English grammar. We are at an important juncture in our project and are trying to raise additional monies to reach our next level.


What we want to do next is complete our first software product, WordParts Home School K-2. To do so requires additional funding and we are asking for your support. .

If you are around school-age children, then you must realize there are significant deficiencies in teaching grammar in schools today. There are constant reminders in the media as studies show US students lag behind 16 other nations in English reading proficiency. These same studies point to students who are graduating without the communication and collaboration skills needed in today's business.

We believe we have a viable solution that will help teachers, parents, and students correct this situation.

With your help we can move one step closer to proving the value of WordParts and providing it for home and school use. Please help us help children.

Besides being part of something that feels good we have some wonderful rewards that we have designed just for you. Help children, feel good, and get gifts - not bad.


Mention on Donation Wall $5-$15
WordParts Ver. 1 - 40% Discount $25
WordParts Ver. 1 - 3 month subscription $50
Manipulatives Kit - at cost $100
WordParts Ver. 1 - annual subscription $150
Limited Edition Commemorative Kit $250