Shapes That Shape Minds

Demo Instructions

here are several demonstrations that show WordParts capabilities.

  1. Demostration of WordParts on an iPad.
  2. Demonstration of WordParts on a PC or Mac.
  3. Example of using a storyboard technique to design WordParts.
  4. Demonstration of animations that will be used in WordParts. (For best results set the browser to full screen for this demo - F11 on most browsers.)

The first three demos show build, write, and display. The build demo shows a student app that they use to model a sentence. The write demo shows a teacher app used to create activities, and the display demo shows how the student and teacher use shapes and colors to view sample paragraphs. A fourth demo in the Story Board shows a dashboard used by teachers for classroom management.


WordParts shape descriptions

shape description

Demo 1

Demo 1 shows how a student can build a model of a sentence by interacting with the screen using 3D shapes. There are five sentences in this demo and the simulated interaction shows the student dragging the shape to the corresponding word.

Demo 2

Demo 2 depicts a student and teacher looking at sample text and using 3D/color visualization. As the text appears, the shape/color will appear.

Demo 3

Demo 3 shows how a teacher can create activities by modeling sentences using 3D shapes. There are five sentences in the demo. The Teacher types each of the sentences and the corresponding model is displayed.

Demo 4

Demo 4 shows how a teacher can use the Dashboard to track a student's progress and modify the Lesson Plan to ensure the student is learning at the correct level.


The iPad & Web demos are interactive. You will notice a menu on the left, with the demo name. You simply click on it to start the demo.

The build demo will start when you select "build". The demo will show you a sentence to model. You click on a shape to select it, if you place the mouse pointer between shapes you can scroll left and right to see the various shapes. When you have modeled your sentence, click Check Answer and the correct answer will appear and you will see how you did. You have the option to try again or go to the next sentence. There are five sentences.

The write demo is simpler. You type a sentence and the system automatically models it for you.

The display demo shows how either shapes or color can beused to help the student see a visualization of a sample sentence.