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Next Generation Systems, LLC (Windsor, Colorado) is developing an innovative learning method that recognizes the contribution of technology to improving English language competency.Our product is WordParts - a product that helps children learn to communicate and collaborate effectively. Designed to model the common "I do, We do, You do" teaching model WordParts provides physical (kits) and software (Tablet and Web Apps) that teachers and parents can use to teach children parts of speech, sentence structure, and writing techniques.

The cornerstone of our solution is the use of 3D shapes to represent parts of speech. The tactile nature of using 3D shapes improves students' cognitive skills helping the retain and recall learned information.

Our first product, WordParts Home School K-2 will be introduced in Spring 2016. WordParts MVP  is currently available if you want to get a "first glimpse" of WordParts.


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Crowd Funding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. In the investment world this is akin to asking Family and Friends to invest in a venture. However, this method doesn't require large individual investments; rather it is looking for many, many small investments.

Next Generation Systems is a start-up company with a wonderful idea for a product. We have chosen to use the newer "Lean" principles of operation and design. As such we start small; initiating a series of projects designed to move us toward an objective of releasing our first product.

 We will begin a crowd funding effort in the near future. You can find out about this funding initiative by joining our "WordParts Interest Group".


Get up to date information on recent activities, by joining our "WordParts Interest Group".


Major monies come from more traditional methods and require much more due diligence. We have developed a complete business plan that demonstrates our due diligence process. Investors are welcome to review any and all of the components of our plan. We have some summary data available for viewing and download. Additional information is available simply contact us.

Executive Overview

Revenue Stream Total
Home Parent 262,000
Private School 5,488,000
Home School 1,200,000
Public School
ELL 7,840,000
Traditional 20,160,000
Total 34,950,000


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