Shapes That Shape Minds


As a start-up we value any opportunity to partner with professionals with an entrepreneurial ilk who might have the same passion we have for bringing new, innovative educational products to our school-age children.


There are many areas of expertise where we could use special people to help in. They are:

SolidWorks Specialist

We are looking for someone with expertise in SolidWorks who can help us modify existing graphics files that have been used to create prototype shapes using 3D printers. We are looking for someone to help modify our current graphics files.

English Language Curriculum Development Specialists

We need someone who can help us develop Curriculum/Lesson Plans (K-2 initially) that teachers and parents can use to manage their students' progress. We also intend to develop student workbooks that will allow the student to work either independently or under supervision to learn English language structure.

Web Specialist

We are looking for someone with expertise to help us add additional features and functions to our web site and help us re-design our current site to provide access by multiple devices, i.e. computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Social Networking

We are looking for someone who is familiar with the various social networking tools and has an understanding of how they can be integrated in a manner that gives us a consistent approach to disseminating our message to our customers effectively and professionally.

iPad development

We are looking for someone who has experience in developing iPad applications. Our specific desire is someone who used one of the developmental platforms. Our current development has been done using Titanium, so that skill has added value.

A Partnership

We believe that WordParts can have an immediate and extensive impact for parents, teachers, and students who want to teach/learn parts of speech, sentence structure, and writing skills. Our plan is to move rapidly to develop initial products so we can show revenue quickly, which in turn, will validate the usefulness and value of our product.

Partners who share in the development of the product will also share in the success of the product. We offer a royalty to our partners. The royalty will vary by contribution but will be a per cent of revenue generated by sales.

To review our financial information go here.

Even though we believe that our revenue and expense estimates are reasonably achievable based on our research to date, they are estimates only and there is no guarantee that they will be met.