Next Generation Systems was incorporated in August 2013 with the sole purpose of bringing WordParts to market. An analysis ensued, a company and team was formed, and that team has been working with a single-mindedness to accomplish our goal – that of bringing a new way of learning English language structure to every school-age child in the United States.

Each team member has a history of success; each is committed to this effort; each has a passion for education and children. Each member also brings a special skill and experience to the project. It’s all about people.

Meet Our Team

WordParts evolved from an early history of using manipulatives to teach Grammar in the early 90’s. While the early vision has changed, the importance of using 3D shapes to represent parts of speech and creating the “magic” of kinesthetic learning means WordParts becomes a strong value proposition for parents and teachers.

By adding a world-class curriculum to our software and manipulatives, we have created a solid “I do, You do, We do” teaching toolkit for teachers and students.

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